How to Crop a Photo for Web Page Layout

How to Prepare Photos for the Internet

Seldom will you find a photograph that is ready to use in your website that doesn’t require some sort of editing. One basic way to modify images is to crop them, which involves removing some portion of the image. Cropping changes the appearance of photographs and/or clip art. This allows the cropped image to fit better in the website’s layout, make a statement, or improve the overall appearance of the subject matter.

The following is list of cropping features available in WinWatermark software.

  • Crop an image to show what is important – Change the focus of the photograph or emphasize specific portions of an image by cropping out less important or less desirable people or objects.
  • Crop the background – Cropping out background clutter helps redirect the focus on the main subject. Cropping to break out of the box adds additional interest.
  • Crop to change the orientation – Not only does the cropping change the photo from horizontal and fat to tall and narrow, it helps to focus attention on the most interesting part of the photo.
  • Crop out the main subject – Sometimes the image that is most interesting or most useful is not the main focus of the photograph. Look at all aspects of an image to find areas that would be unique if cropped. Crop an image to bring that secondary portion of the image into focus and make a statement that may be entirely different from the original photo.
  • Crop to create uniform images – Cropping and resizing so that each subject appears to be about the same distance from the camera provides a uniform appearance to a varied group of mug shots.
  • Crop creative shapes – Used sparingly, photos cropped into unusual or unexpected shapes such as starbursts, ovals, or polygons can add a special touch to a newsletter or scrapbook layout or make a plain photograph more interesting.


Use cropping to change the image size
Use a combination of cropping & resizing to change an image’s primary focus, which could also include re-sampling to zoom in/out on a subject.

Crop bleeds carefully
Cropping a photo that will bleed off the page can be tricky. Be sure not to crop so close that the main subject of the image gets lost off the edges.

Use cropping with other photo editing techniques
A combination of photo cropping with other graphics modifications such as color removal, tints, sharpening, and blurring is a great way to draw the eye to the most important area of the image.

Keep actual and perceived image size consistent
Avoid using just the cropping function, alone, to create images of the same size. Instead consider the appearance of people and objects in the image prior to cropping. Crop and re-size photos, such as mug shots or a series of landscapes so that like objects in the images appear at about the same size & distance from the viewer. Consider proportions within the photo when two cropped images appear in close proximity.