WinWatermark Photo Edition

Easily add text watermarks, apply image or logo watermarks, add effects, resize, rename, batch process, frame, and crop photos.

PC Edition: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Mac Edition: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite

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Add watermarks to your videos, publish to YouTube, and more!

PC Edition: Windows XP, Windos Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

Mac Edition: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite

How WinWatermark Works

You don’t have to be a professional to get professional results…
WinWatermark does the work for you!

Import using Drag & Drop, or directly from your Camera, Smartphone, or SD Card

When you take a photo with your Smartphone, your camera, or other device, simply connect the device to your PC or Mac and WinWatermark will detect the device and allow you to import your images straight into WinWatermark. Of course you can also Drag a photo or an entire folder of images and Drop onto WinWatermark as well. Your import will create a Library so that you can select one or all of your images for batch photo processing.

Full Screen Mode

Add dimension to everything you do! Most watermark applications still look like small utilities and do not offer Full Screen Mode operations. We think that when you add a watermark to an image, you should be able to view your watermarks and images using your entire screen. In WinWatermark, you can browse, edit, and share your photos in while enjoying a maximized workspace.

Organize and Manage your photos

Eliminate the confusion and hassle of creating duplicates. No more trying to figure out what images are what…in some giant photo directory.
We have a simple management system that will keep you organized when you are working with your photos.

Library: A Library is created for each import into WinWatermark. This stores your original images.

Album: An Album is created for each Export. The export creates copies of your originals with any applied watermarks you have added.

The Library allows you to view, select and edit images based on the import or project you are working on. Once you add watermarks, resize images, convert file format, or batch rename photos, simply press the process icon and a Album will be created. Your original photos are safe in the LIbrary and your processed images are ready to publish and share in your Album.

Image Viewer

Odds are you are working with many photos at once… even hundreds. Full screen mode offers you the advantage of a maximized workspace but you may want to take a closer look at one or more images in your batch. With the Image viewer, you can enlarge the image thumbnail and bring your image front and center. Go from picture to picture and take a closer look at your subjects. Use the Image viewer to eliminate underexposed or dull images from your library…or to simply enjoy clicking through the enlarged view or your photo Album…

We have one simple rule here at Simple Soft, LLC…Keep it simple!

Add Text Watermarks

After you Import your images, click the Edit icon. This puts WinWatermark into Edit Mode. To add a Text Watermark, click the “T” TEXT watermark icon. As you will see, the TEXT watermark dialog offers you many options. Simply type your desired text into the text entry window. You may select one of many fonts, or add your own font. You can set the location of the text watermark by choosing any one of the placement icons or, you an adjust the text watermark position using the X/Y axis controls. Select Manual, Tile, and Stretch modes as well. You can also use the Opacity slider to make your watermark transparent. Once you add a text watermark to your image, you may apply the watermark to the selected image, or to ALL images. Click on the “More Effects” button to enable shadows, backgrounds, and other TEXT effects such as Emboss, Outline, Engrave, and Translucency.

Add your Logo to your photos and more…

Besides adding TEXT watermarks to your images, you can also watermark photos with your LOGO, or apply a fun stamp or caption. Simply click the “Image” watermark icon to view the Image Watermark Dialog. Select from a variety of image watermark categories like Symbols, Stamps, Clip Art, and more. To add your own logo to the selection, simply click the “Add” icon to import your own logo into WinWatermark. Once you have imported your logo, simply select it as your desired image watermark. You can place you image watermark using the placement icons, fade the logo out using the Opacity slider, and more.

Watermark using Copyright and Trademark Symbols … ©, ®, ™

Lets eliminate the confusion and hassle of creating copyright symbols using your keyboard. With WinWatermark, you can simply check the desired symbol you seek and click apply. It;s that easy. Click “EXIF Template/Symbols” button on the text watermark dialog. Here you can easily check the symbol you seek. Once you have made you selection, click OK and the selected symbol will be added to your TEXT watermark. Want the Symbol bigger? WinWatermark treats the symbol the same as text so you can use the Font Size selector to enlarge the symbol as well as all other font size, color, placement, alignment ,and opacity controls.

Watermark using EXIF data

Almost all digital cameras save JPEG files with EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data. Camera settings and scene information are recorded by the camera into the image file. Examples of stored information are shutter speed, date and time a photo was taken, focal length, exposure compensation, metering pattern and if a flash was used.

One of the quickest ways to watermark your photos is by using the EXIF template.

Click “EXIF Template/Symbols” button on the text watermark dialog. Here you can see the many options available to you from the image EXIF data. You may select date and time as your watermark, or choose from the other available options. Once you have made you selection, click OK and the selected EXIF data will be added to your TEXT watermark. Just as any text watermark, WinWatermark treats the EXIF data the same as any text so you can use the Font Size selector to enlarge the data as well as all other font size, color, placement, alignment, and opacity controls.

Thanks to WinWatermark, your edits are only applied to copies of the originals.

In other words… if you goof up, just try again!

Crop your images

Ever snap a great photo just to learn that your finder was over the edge of the lens? Our crop tool lets you trim, or eliminate, the edges of an image, focus on the main subject, remove background distractions, or “Zoom in” on the image focal point.

Of course not every photo you take needs cropping. However, the visual impact of many photos can be greatly improved when thoughtfully cropped. Learn how to Crop images in WinWatermark!

Rotate, Flip, and Inverse

Fully automatic cameras are sometimes not so fully automatic…. If you import an image and the orientation is wrong, just rotate the image using our orientation icons. Rotate Left or Right to move from Portrait to Landscape. You can even flip and toggle the image to its inverse.

Resize for Email, Facebook, and more…

One of the joys of photography is being able to share your images with family and friends. Have you ever emailed an image to a friend but then realized it was not deliverable because the image size was so huge. Rather than loading up people’s email boxes with really big files or struggling with how to resize photos. WinWatermark has the solution.

Simply click the resize icon and check “Optimize for email.” Your HUGE images will be resized as lightweight copies of the original that can be sent along with several other images to your friends or clients. Go from 1832 x1384 pixels with a file size is 1.2MB, to 350 x 240 with a files size pf 45k…in a single click!

No need to move back and forth between WinWatermark and your email application. WinWatermark can send email with your attached photos using its own send-mail feature. Using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail… No problem, Winwatermark has integrated support for all popular web based email clients.

Speaking of sharing images with family and friends, WinWatermark can also optimize your image size for sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

Batch rename files with a variety of options…

With WinWatermark you can quickly and easily rename your image files one at a time or batch rename all your image files at once. WinWatermark offers a variety of innovative file rename features to create consistent and, most importantly, meaningful names. With a few simple clicks, you can rename files by sequence number, date, time, name, or combination of settings. Shorten long file names, rename image files from 103.jpg to Summer_Vacation_001.jpg, and so on.

Rename functions also support metadata such as EXIF. By using metadata, you can organize, sort, and rename files automatically. Despite its diversity of functions, the rename functions of WinWatermark are very simple to use. With WinWatermark, meaningless image names are a thing of the past!

Post your images on the Web

Use WinWatermark to make your images stand out,
everywhere on the internet – Even on Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and other social networks!

Personalize your photos and make them stand out with WinWatermark

Dress up your images with frames

Not only can you add text watermarks, resize photos and batch rename images in WinWatermark, but you can also dress up your photos with custom frames. Give your images that finishing touch. Add a solid color frame, translucent frame, beveled edge frame or one that uses a pattern. Images look better with frames and stand out. Enhance the beauty of your images and make them even more dramatic. Make your work pop with WinWatermark digital photo frames.

Turn your images into art

Working with photos should be fun. By selecting “Templates” in the frame dialog, you can choose one of many of our party or special occasion templates. Is your subject having a birthday? Celebrate the holidays, announce the arrival of your bundle of joy, tell your friends to save the date. Perhaps it’s Halloween or Valentines Day… Whatever the occasion, use one of our fun image templates to celebrate your event. Whatever you choose, your special photo will be one-of-a-kind and ready to impress your friends on Facebook or print the image out for your scrapbook!

WinWatermark works with your Webcam

You can use your computer’s webcam right from WinWatermark by clicking on the Webcam icon on the main toolbar. Snap a photo of yourself and import into an existing Library or new Library. Then personalize the image and share on social networks like Facebook, or email to your friends.

To use your webcam with WinWatermark:

  1. Make sure your webcam is connected to your PC or Mac, then initiate the capture by clicking the Webcam icon on the main toolbar.
  2. WinWatermark’s Webcam viewer will then launch and you will see yourself in the cameras viewing area.
  3. Next, Click the “Take Photo” button and a countdown will be displayed 3 – 2 – 1 SNAP!
  4. Your image will be shown to you with an option to import into WinWatermark or discard.
  5. Snap as many photo’s as you like and then personalize and share them with your friends on Facebook!

You don’t have to be a professional to get professional results…

WinWatermark Pro… For the pro in all of us!


Emailing a photo usually means switching between your email application to your pictures folder to attach a file and back again. With WinWatermark’s built-in email client, you can personalize and send your images without leaving WinWatermark. Just select the photos you want to send from your WinWatermark Album, and click the email icon on the main toolbar. WinWatermark automatically attaches your images and can optimize your photo’s for email so your attachments are never too big to send. You may of course attach high-resolution versions of your photos for your recipient to download as well. WinWatermark integrates with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and AOL.


WinWatermark has native support for Dropbox. Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store you images on the cloud. This means that any images you save to your Dropbox folder on your PC or Mac, will automatically be saved on the web in your online Dropbox pictures folder. That’s cool and it’s FREE.

To learn more about backing up your photos to Dropbox, click this link: PC users Link Mac users Link

Convert image format

WinWatermark features Industry-Standard Encoding Support. Convert your images from one file format to another like .PNG to .JPG and more. WinWatermark allows you to convert between most key formats such as JPEG, PDF, RAW, GIF, PNG and others.

WinWatermark can Read and Write a variety of popular image formats. Use the simple drop down menu on the Export dialog to export your images in your desired format. You can also adjust the quality of the exported image to reduce file size.


Once you are done making your images their best, you may want to print them out. Of course WinWatermark has native support for the supported printers on your PC or Mac. You can even enjoy print preview and page setup controls. Many utilities lack print support and you must print from the Explorer view on PC or the Finder view on Mac. Not winwatermark…. Simply select the images you want to print in your Library or Album and click the print icon. We have made it east to share your photos and email your images to your friends and clients, and to print your final edits out on your preferred paper or photo quality stock.

Why choose WinWatermark?
Easy to Use
  • Drag/Drop to import
  • Click EDIT to Add text Watermarks
  • Supports Image watermarks too… like logos
  • Click Process to export…. Done!

Robust features
  • Rotate, Resize, Rename photos
  • Frame and personalize
  • Batch Process 100s of photos at once!
  • Integrated email support

Smart enhancements
  • Separates portrait from landscape images
  • Can SAVE watermarks for re-use…
  • Click to add Copyright & Trademark symbols
  • Import from devices too… camera, smartphone, SD card

Commercially maintained
  • Published by Simple Soft, LLC USA
  • Full time development
  • New features and enhancements
  • Registration comes with 1-year free upgrades